Doorbell World Windup Doorbells are mechanically operated, requiring no batteries, wiring or electricity. The doorbell simply fits onto the inside of your front door and gives maintenance free, reliable service. The doorbell uses a clockwork action, and needs only an occasional winding of the dome. They are made in England.

They give a loud ring, using the door itself as a sounding board, and will continue to ring as long as the bell push button is pressed. Visitors can clearly hear that your doorbell is in working order. They offer an alternative to wireless doorbells where UPVC door frames (with metal backing for strength and security) can cause problems with wireless signal strength. The clockwork mechanism is released by a thin rod that passes through the door to a bell push button on the outside. This rod is adjustable for different door thicknesses, but where doors are particularly thick, we can supply longer rods. For an image of installation instructions, Click Here. The bell units measure 78mm, (3") in diameter.

When fully wound, the bell will ring for approximately 75 seconds, and since a typical visitor will press the bell push for between 2 and 3 seconds, the mechanism will support up to 30 rings. Sound samples can be found on the doorbell descriptions. The standard doorbell kits come with the bell pushes shown in the kit images, however, there are additional bell push options to suit different door furniture and tastes.

  1. The bell unit is normally attached to the door itself rather than a door frame.
  2. A hole of 5mm diameter will need to be drilled through the door for the rod (Max 120mm) to release the wind up mechanism.
  3. The Doorbell is supplied fully wound, please do not wind further, as this may cause the mechanism to jam.
  4. The rod is adjustable in length (Max 120mm), to cope with typical door thicknesses. If your door is particularly thick or thin, additional special length rods can supplied.
  5. Additional replacement mechanisms can be supplied if necessary

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